Are Christians Just Saved Sinners?

All Authority 
in Heaven and on Earth

 After spending four years in college preparing for gospel ministry, one year in a Bible school, a couple of decades of serious Bible study, perceiving truths that had been in the Bible all along, but had been overlooked, ignored or outright denied by a large portion of the church, and after having little success in sharing those truths in other churches we attended, in the year 2000 I, my wife, and a few other staunch believers started our own church fellowship in our home. We trudged through the process of getting our 501 (c)(3) status, and used the facilities we had: Our own home, little money, a few folding chairs, a used sound system and a godly dream and calling. For twelve years now we have been growing in maturity, although we have not greatly increased in numbers (yet). Although those who have stuck with us (and with God’s Word) have had their share of challenges from our enemy, Satan, none would consider returning to the traditional church setting.    

The Calvinist Delusion

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The Truth About Sickness & Healing Volume 2

Ron Craig Pastor/Teacher/Author

 In the same year we started our fellowship, the Lord moved me to start writing books on those things He had revealed to me, and which I ministered to our little congregation. Today, my ministry consists of shepherding those people, writing books, and ministering personally wherever I am invited. Of course, all in our congregation minister God’s Word in their own sphere of influence. They cannot keep quiet. All believers are called to some kind of ministry. My calling as a teacher is to equip believers. See Ephesians 4:11-16.

The Truth About Sickness & Healing Volume 1


The Calvinist Conspiracy

Called to preach at 25, the author graduated from a church college in 1975.  While there, he was introduced to the Full Gospel Message by other students, and then began a lifelong pursuit of the whole-counsel-of-God.  After one year at Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center he moved back to Alabama, where he and his wife Joan began to walk by faith in what they had learned  in Oklahoma.  Slow progress, repeated ministry challenges, and stress of everyday living resulted in his putting the ministry on the back burner until the late 1990s, when a prophecy by a church elder stirred his passion once again.  Fresh revelation flowing from his own bible studies, plus dynamic prophecies by other people over the years have added direction to his ministry as a teacher, pastor, and finally as an author.  His books are just some of the helpful fruits of his labors.

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