No other books like these are on the market. T.L. Osborn’s and F. F. Bosworth’s books on healing are true classics. Other good books on the healing subject have been written as well. Moreover, those men were ahead of their time compared to the church at large. However, as good as those books are, their works are limited in revelation knowledge on the healing subject. In 2005, God began to reveal to me things about both sickness and healing that I had never read or heard from any other human being. The most revealing fact about it all was that all of this revelation had been in the Bible all along. Our eyes had just not been open to see it. Another amazing thing about it was that I had not been actively seeking revelation about healing. In a sense I stumbled over it. Of course, I know that one does not receive revelation about anything by accident. God has a plan, and His plan involves setting His people free from all sickness and disease. Why He choose me to sound that message to the church worldwide lies with God Himself. My responsibility is to obey. My two healing books are evidence of my obedience to His call and leading.

In my first healing book, in chapter one I cover the sickness side of the subject. I found little or no material about such in those other healing books. When you understand how God views sickness, you are half way home in receiving your healing! Chapter one of my first healing book contains must-read biblical revelation. It is a real eye-opener!

Chapters four through seven cover the positive side, revealing that the biblical word for salvation includes bodily healing. Other teachers simply make that statement and move on, but in my book I go straight to the Scriptures and provide overwhelming evidence of that biblical truth. Then I tie the Savior, His salvation and the gospel message together as a unit, just like the Bible does. One Savior; one salvation; one gospel message!

Ever wonder why man’s medicine always has some kind of unwelcome side effects? Well, my first book explains that, and then draws your attention to the fact that God’s system of healing has no evil side effects. That alone is worth obtaining and reading the book.

Of course, I eventually go into the how-to’s of receiving your inheritance of divine health. Then I top it off with a whole chapter of healing Scriptures, which are most enlightening.

This book does not contradict those other good healing books; it complements them and fills in revelation gaps they left open. I suggest that you obtain all of them. You owe it to yourself and your family to get hold of this important biblical revelation. God did not give me this information for just me and my own. It belongs to the church worldwide.

About the time the publisher got that first healing book in production, God began to add revelation on the subject. Within about a year, I had finished writing my second book on healing. It contains even more pages than the first book. Going even deeper into healing, it is necessary to complete our knowledge of God’s will in the area of our physical health.

Although the second book is positive over all, in it I tackle the negatives on the subject of healing that have blinded most of the church for many centuries. Pulling the rug out from under those religious traditions, God’s healing truth comes shining forth. Whereas religious tradition tends to separate the spiritual from the material and physical aspects of this life, I show from Scripture that neither the Father nor His Son Jesus did so. God puts a much higher value on human flesh than does religious tradition. Christ treated the body with as much respect as He did the spirit. I invest a whole chapter that reveals the forgiveness/healing connection—past, present and future. You need to know that!

God’s plan is not that we win some and lose some. When we meet His conditions, there are no exceptions to receiving divine healing! Scripture itself eradicates all the frivolous excuses many give for clinging to their sickness. I provide example after example of both right and wrong responses to God’s promises and commands regarding the reception of divine healing. Remove all religious excuses, so you can receive your bodily healing.

In the second healing book, I include a chapter with insights on the Lord’s Supper that I have never heard anyone preach about. It is most enlightening. After reading it, you will never partake of communion with the same attitude. It will set you free!

Finally, I cap off the second healing book with a chapter of sample scriptural confessions you can use to build your faith and release that faith to receive your healing. Both books together will forever change the way you look at God’s will regarding your health. I would not want to be without them. This revelation has positively affected the health status of the members of our small church congregation. As you obtain this revelation knowledge and change your own life for the better, you will have opportunity to be an instrument in God’s hands to help other people come to know the truth about God’s true will for their health and how to obtain it. I invite you to help us get this message out through these most enlightening books. The money you will save on medical bills alone will much more than cover the cost of many copies of these books. 

Of course, you must heed the biblical conditions, in order to receive the manifestation of divine health. I encourage you to challenge all church tradition with the scriptural truth presented in these healing books. There are well over 700 different Scripture passages in the first book; with additional passages in the second one. You cannot go wrong heeding  God’s Word regarding your health or anything else. 

If you are one of God’s children, then be blessed! If you are not one of His children, you can be. Just accept Jesus right now as your personal Savior. Then begin to learn about your rich inheritance in Christ. I have some books on those vital subjects as well. Check them out too! We look forward to your positive response toward God and to this material. 

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Advantages of my First and Second Healing Books

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