Just as important as are the health and identification issues, so is making sure we have a proper understanding of authority. As with those other two subjects, authority is a big issue in these modern times, just as it has been since human history began. In my book on authority, I go into detail on that subject from the biblical perspective. In the process, I point out some vital biblical principles that aid us in gaining a proper understanding of any and all subjects pertaining to a successful Christian lifestyle. 

As in ID, I start with the Eden experience to discover the actual truth about authority. It is enlightening beyond any other work on the market today, of which I am aware. Within this book, I trace the history of both the use and abuse of authority throughout the Old Testament and into the New. After laying a proper biblical foundation, I focus on the real problem of the human race. That just might surprise even most Christians! 

Properly understanding the human plight clears the way to understanding the necessary solution. In due course, I show how the Savior’s relationship to authority determined the nature of His sacrifice; and how that is to affect you and me in our Christianity today. In this book, I cover a great deal of territory regarding the redemption God has provided for us in Christ’s sacrifice. Neither does that most enlightening revelation show up in any other book on redemption. Nevertheless, it has been in the Bible all along.  

In “ALL AUTHORITY in heaven and on earth,” I expose the nature of the devil’s activities since his fall from perfection. That within itself makes the book worth reading. But more than that, I point out from biblical evidence how the devil owns nothing. He can only use what God created to tempt people with. He has no stuff of his own. He has lied to people about that! Finally, in chapter sixteen I reveal vital information about Satan’s defeat that the average Christian perceives not. Indeed, it is likely that most Christians are unaware of that good news. After reading this book, you will never perceive Satan the same again.

But, before that grand finale I reveal the genius of the proper use of God’s authority as it played out in Old Testament history, as well as in early New Testament experience. Then I get brutally honest in exposing the primary problem of today’s church, and how to cure that disease by the right (biblical) use of the authority which God has given us in Christ.

My wife says that she believes every Christian ought to read the ID book first; then those healing books; then the one on authority. I believe you will do well to read whichever one falls into your hands first. Then make sure you get hold of all the others and read them. I will be publishing other titles in the near future. God laid it on my heart to write these books, so I know that He wants the entire church to be blessed by them. After improving your own Christian lifestyle by the revelation contained within them, you can help us get these vital messages out to the church worldwide by recommending them to your family, friends and other acquaintances. May God bless you tremendously through the biblical revelation contained within these volumes.

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Advantages of the book “All Authority in Heaven and on Earth”

All Authority in Heaven and on Earth